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Mynampally Social Service Organization (MSSO)

Mynampally Social Service Organization (MSSO) was established in 1997 with the simple objective of serving underprivileged people across different districts of Telangana. Since its inception, the members of this social service organization are working passionately to identify the problems of poor and bereaved families and help them in every possible way by offering food, clothes, and financial aid. With a strong group of committee members who love mankind and are ready to serve them around the clock, MSSO is being run successfully and is taking up new initiatives often.

We embrace a holistic approach that focuses on not just learning about needy people through news channels but also interacting with them to learn the gravity of the situation and providing full solutions with satisfaction. We approach and offer funds to all those who need a helping hand.

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Objectives of the MSSO

We work to meet these objectives.
  • Take care of the underprivileged and address their educational needs.
  • Enlighten the lives of the underprivileged by distributing food and offering financial help for their medical needs.
  • Bring change and difference in the lives of people with adversities.
  • A little help can change the life of the needy.
  • Work towards uplifting the poor.

The organization has kicked off its service by tackling the water problems by digging borewells in different places across the districts of Telangana: Nizamabad, Medchal, and Alwal. With this, water scarcity and water problems during the summer are eradicated. The journey of serving people has continued since then, and the organization left no stone unturned to reach out to the needy masses in Telangana.

The founder of MSSO, Mynampally Hanumantha Rao, who is the MLA for Malkajgiri constituency, not only confines his service to the people of his constituency but also serves the needy across Telangana through this NGO. His son follows in the footsteps of his father and takes on the legacy of serving the underprivileged through various social activities. He was brought up with values, to serve mankind and be empathetic to people. All these have been strongly etched in Mynampally Rohith and are encouraging and driving him to cater to people with different needs through numerous activities.

Why collaborate with the MSSO?

We work to give back to society and bring happiness into the lives of people with excruciating adversities.
  • Strong network to bring the problems to our attention across Telangana.
  • Offer social service across multiple streams instead of confining ourselves to one.
  • A dedicated team that works relentlessly on every initiative to create an impact.
  • Gain higher satisfaction for every penny spent.
  • Volunteers are at the service of people around the clock.
  • Streamlined operations.
  • No bureaucratic hurdles on any initiative we start to serve the needy.
  • Backed up by strong print and electronic media to reach out to the homeless and needy.
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MSSO Initiatives

An NGO initiated the "Food for Destitute and Orphans" programme to serve scrumptious and nutritious meals to the destitute and eradicate hunger.
Extended financial aid to people, especially the differently abled and widows, who could not afford to get better treatment and gain back their lost health.
COVID hit everyone badly and exacerbated the hunger problem in the country. MSSO has distributed 5000 metric tonnes of food to vulnerable families since the start of COVID.
Adopted families and abandoned senior citizens and provided them with the basic needs and financial help they needed to lead a dignified and happy life.
Offered financial aid for medical treatment to poor and middle-class families who cannot afford the high cost of treatments in multispecialty hospitals.
Disinfect the streets of Malkajgiri by spraying sodium hydrochloride to keep the bacteria and virus-causing diseases at bay, especially the spread of COVID.
Donated around 4000 CCTV cameras for citizens' safety to identify the most vulnerable areas in Telangana and install them to promote a crime-free society.
Send water tankers to the areas where people are struggling to get drinking water. Free ambulance services are also offered to patients to transport them to hospitals in the city.